Admap Prize 2017: How should TV and social media be used to maximum effect?

How to use TV and Social?

Previewing the June issue of Admap, which presents the winning essays of this year's Admap Prize.

Marriage of TV and social needs better audience insight

The entrants to the 2017 Admap Prize represent a wide range of views on the matter of marrying TV and social media - the answer is not straightforward.

Thomas Henry

Marketers must prioritise TV for long-term brand growth

Award Gold

Creative effectiveness has halved since 2011 as budget has shifted from long-term brand-building campaigns on TV to short-term activation on social media.

Four tips for using TV with social

Award Silver

Social media should be used to spur engagement and interaction with the 'conversation-starting' TV campaign.

Properly integrated social and TV can deliver both short- and long-term results

Award Bronze

How marketers can satisfy short-term demands without damaging the brand's long-term health, by using better performance metrics with separate roles.

TV and social are competitors, not complements

Award Bronze

How brands should prepare for the end of TV as the pre-eminent brand-building medium, as TV viewing is disrupted by time-shifted and on-demand viewing.

How to use social to activate TV's brand salience

Award Judges' Commended

Arguing that social can replace print media in building message attention for the subconscious brand recognition induced by TV.

What TV and social media must do to work in unison

Award Judges' Commended

The rise of online video and on-demand services is cutting across traditional TV audiences, but TV is still the dominant awareness-raising medium.

How challenger brands are built in India

Award Judges' Commended

Patanjali, an FMCG challenger brand, built success in India through social media and the fame of its founder, spiritual yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

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