Data, expert opinion and best practice for the year ahead

Findings from WARC's Toolkit 2018 survey include:

  • Customer experience (CX) and data management will be key 2018 priorities for brands in the pursuit of 'digital transformation';
  • Artificial intelligence and chatbots are seen as the biggest tech opportunities for 2018; viewability of ads and finding the right talent are the biggest hurdles;
  • It is widely agreed that there is a crisis of trust between clients and media agencies.

The full Toolkit 2018 report is available to WARC subscribers – download a summary.

The full report also includes five in-depth chapters on the year's biggest challenges: CX, digital transparency, voice, redefining purpose and control of data.

The drive for digital transparency

2018 will be pivotal to the development of digital, as the current drive for transparency continues.

The Toolkit 2018 survey reveals the scale of the challenge facing the range of players in the digital ad industry. Read the full chapter on the drive to restore transparency to the system.

  • Expert commentary from Bob Liodice, president of the Association of National Advertisers, and Julia Connaughton, head of digital at the7stars.
  • Brand examples from industry trailblazer P&G, soft drinks company Dr Pepper Snapple, and JPMorgan Chase, which found that only 3% of its media investments were delivering results.
  • More data, analysis and takeaways on the movement to clean up the digital media ecosystem.

Bob Liodice, Chief Executive Officer, ANA discusses digital transparency.