Advertiser: Burger King
Agency: Y&R New Zealand
Country: United States


Communications Challenges:

Salience is everything:

In the land of fast food, driven by value, taste and convenience, success depends on the customer thinking of your brand when they're hungry. In short: be top of mind or die.

Our biggest competitor was a lot bigger:

In the burger world the biggest battle for customers' hearts and mouths boils down to No. 1 versus No. 2. That is: the pasty-faced Ronald McDonald versus the mustachioed Burger King. With 34% of the burger market, McDonald's was more than twice as big as Burger King (15%1).

And the others could afford to be louder:

In the broader fast food category we were #4 in sales behind Starbucks and Subway2. However, we had significantly less money to spend than our major competitors, ranking a disparate #7 in marketing investment3.