Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioners

Agency: PB Creative

Executive Summary

Comfort Intense was launched in the UK, FR, NL and Ireland in April 2015 as a new format in the fabric conditioner market. It's an ultra-concentrated fabric conditioner which offers improved performance (a more intense and longer-lasting freshness), using less than half the dose of existing fabric conditioners. Its success has been immediate and sustained over a one year period.

Designing the packaging for a concentrated product in a smaller pack and positioned at a premium price is a huge challenge. We believe one of the main reasons for Comfort Intense's success is that the holistic structural and graphic design of the pack communicates the ultra-concentrated concept and its benefits effectively to consumers in a way that their key main competitor failed to do with its Super Concentrate relaunch (a similar proposition in terms of concentration).

Although there was advertising support, Comfort Intense was successful before this support kicked in, and we have tracked TV advertising against sales to show that it had minimal influence. Our conclusion is therefore that the pack has been the key factor in Comfort Intense's success, and this is evidenced by several pieces of consumer research.