Advertiser: Heineken New Zealand
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Country: New Zealand


The State of the Beer Market

Beer consumption is in steep decline globally, and nowhere more so than in New Zealand. Over the past decade, society’s ‘carefree fun’ perception of beer has shifted, making it harder for men to justify going for a drink. The trend towards healthier lifestyles1 and the lowering of drink drive limits2 have also contributed to New Zealanders drinking less beer than ever before.

Current statistics place beer consumption down 6% versus the previous year3. Furthermore, the beer market is becoming increasingly fragmented with beer drinkers choosing to experiment with boutique craft beers, instead of sticking with tried and true mainstream brands4. Over recent years there has also been a shift away from ‘mainstream’ (4% beer) into more premium, (5%) lager beers5. So the decline in the mainstream sub category has been even greater than for the overall beer market – a big problem for DB Export and their range of mainstream beers; Gold, Dry, Citrus and 33.