World Vision UK: The Story Shop

Agency: The Yard Creative

Executive summary

World Vision is the largest international children's charity, working to bring real hope to millions of children living in the world's hardest places. This is primarily achieved through individuals' donations to sponsor a child.

In 2015 donations from the UK transformed the lives of more than 4m children

Over the last decade a worrying trend of a steady decline in acquisitions against a sharp rise in cancellations has emerged. In response, World Vision UK repositioned sponsor acquisitions away from the mass market and focused on a specific demographic with a proven high lifetime value, defined (in summary) as affluent women aged 40–60.

Demographic profiling revealed that premium shopping centres over-index with the desired target market. However, World Vision UK was refused entry to high-end mega malls due to landlord's negative perception of charities conducting traditional face-to-face fundraising in their prestigious retail environments and the adverse effect on customer shopping trips.