Advertiser: Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Inc.
Agency: Energy BBDO
Country: United States


In its heyday, Extra enjoyed the #1 position in the U.S. gum category1. But by 2013, Extra had been experiencing steady declines. It had fallen to third place and was down -6.1% vs. YA.2 And to make matters worse, the entire gum category was declining.3

So in late-2013 we took a completely new approach to communications by launching the "Give Extra, Get Extra" campaign. We stopped talking about our product benefit (long-lasting flavor) and tapped into an emotional truth about gum; sharing a stick of gum was a simple way to connect with others. This was a pretty radical approach for Extra and the U.S. gum category at large. Previous to this, most gum communications (even for lead competitors like Trident & IceBreakers) focused on functional attributes like flavor and breath freshening…and very rarely made people feel anything.