Design consultancy: Graymatter
Advertiser: Advanced

Executive summary

"Have you bean looking for financial growth?"

Advanced are consolidating and growing their position as the UK's third largest solutions provider, and rebranded in 2016 to both elevate perception and provide a platform from which to challenge the market leaders.

As part of this they now have a compelling proposition – 'right-first-time solutions'.

Their challenge was creating a campaign that would support and promote this proposition (and their new brand), unify and work consistently across different business departments, resonate with prospects, and ultimately deliver a substantial sales pipeline.

'FairITales' achieved this.

Delivered as four consecutive waves of activity, the combination of storytelling, distinctive creative and evidential content achieved the necessary levels of cut through, consideration and conversion to generate a sales pipeline far exceeding KPIs, and also contributed to a dramatic and positive shift in Net Promoter Score.