Agency: Persado


For this campaign, Air Canada was looking to apply artificial intelligence to their marketing to improve the effectiveness of their copy. As many companies increase their emphasis on analytics, Air Canada saw particular appeal in our focus on hard data. By using our AI-powered technology, Air Canada aimed to create personalized marketing messages that would resonate with and inspire action amongst their audience and build ongoing relationships with consumers, feeding into their larger business goals.


Air Canada faced a challenge common to online marketers: finding a way to cut through the noise and deliver marketing messages that truly resonate with consumers. Today, customers are bombarded with thousands of messages and advertisements on a day-to-day basis, and a single brand's voice can easily be drowned out. Standing out in a crowded inbox requires understanding consumers on an individual level, and capturing their attention with emotionally resonant language. Traditional A/B tests don't reveal the precise wording and formatting that generate maximal impact, and tailoring language to different groups is difficult without a way to capture audience-specific language insights. Scaling learnings across marketing channels is nigh-impossible.