Objectives and strategy

We had three main challenges;

  • To increase awareness of the festival with of course limited budget.
  • Create a unique audio experience that everyone can enjoy.
  • Promote festival motto "the jazz version of the city".

We thought the best way to promote the campaign is building an audio platform that can produce a shareable, unique jazz music experience for everyone.

Execution and media

To create this unique experience, we decided to create jazz songs for every location in the city by gathering users' location data and surrounding place names and converting this info directly into Jazz music.

We partnered with Onedio (local social news platform) to use this conversion software inside a micropage that users may create jazz music according to their location. They also seed our campaign through their website and other social channels.


To convert the city into jazz music, we thought the best way to do was using the place names, streets, avenues, malls, squares, parks.. simply how we define them in our daily lives.