Campaign details

Brand: Akbank
Lead Agency: PNC
Region: EMEA



Decades of search advertising has proven. One of the biggest obstacles for search advertisers is to increase sales online and stay cost-effective at the same time. And especially when the market is already competitive and saturated, it's not easy to stay ahead of the competition.

As the machine learning has flourished, smart bidding options help advertisers to reach their goals based on their KPIs in the AdWords Search Advertising. The one thing almost everyone forgets is that search advertising is a zero-sum game with your competitors. In other words, you should do things that nobody has ever done before.

Our target was clear.

We only wanted to target the most qualified users in the mobile search advertising.

Our strategic objective shaped around the characteristic traits of our prospects, new betas in the search advertising that helps us to move forward and automated growth hack algorithms for the competition.