Campaign details

Brand: Arcos Dorados Comércio de Alimentos Ltda
Lead Agency: DPZ&T
Region: LATAM



McDonald's is the greatest coupon distributor in the world, giving out millions of dollars in discounts every day. The goal is to increase and stimulate its client base by generating a bigger visit flow to the restaurant and product conversion.

Target Audience

By getting into the currently hottest economical topic, creating a cryptocurency of their own and creating a new rewards platform for McDonald's public, made up of adults and young people from all social classes.

Creative Strategy

Bitecoins is McDonald's digital coin that can be converted into multiple rewards for our clients. And just like all cryptocurrencies, it has to be mined and its value suffers variations at every moment. By collecting 1 bitecoin in their wallet, the client can exchange it for real products at McDonald's.