Campaign details

Brand: Arcos Dorados Comércio de Alimentos Ltda
Lead Agency: DPZ&T
Region: LATAM



McBot innovated by creating a new, real time relationship experience with consumers at McDonald's during meals. Using the chatbot from Facebook Messenger, we developed an extensive decision tree, where all paths awarded the user with a coupon. This flowchart became the base for the development of the artificial intelligence that sustained the dialogues via SMS, video and audio, with a very natural language. This generated over 9 million interactions during the first 10 days.

The execution took place as a test in 50 restaurants in São Paulo, and organically obtained astronomical numbers in the first week alone. This was then amplified to 907 restaurants all over Brazil.

Target Audience

If it isn't possible to compete with smartphones, the best thing is to join them. The Millennials have the cell phone as an extension of their bodies. So our strategy was to create a content platform in partnership with Facebook to resume the dialogue around the tables at McDonald's restaurants.