Campaign details

Brand: Arcos Dorados Comércio de Alimentos Ltda
Lead Agency: DPZ&T
Region: LATAM



When people take a test drive, they know exactly what to expect. When they go to a drive-thru, they also know what to expect. We brought together two activities that do not present people with novelties, in order to create a unique experience, combining the Renault technology and the convenience of McDonald's in a new feature for the onboard computer of a car.

Target Audience

With everything ready for the activation, we invited some people that had shown interest in taking a test drive (through a form at the dealership or on the site), and suggested they do it during lunchtime. People who were at the dealership during these two weeks of activation also participated.

Creative Strategy

Purchasing things directly from people's cars is a feature that is hardly explored by brands, especially the one's that are not part of the automotive sector. The strategy here was to aggregate a new function and convenience to something that people frequently do with their cars: going to a drive-thru. Payment could be done in one of two ways: via the McApp (Tasty Drive would import the payment details from the McApp account) or at the restaurant itself.