Agency: Cadreon


BMW was losing market share to its competitors and faced a rapidly shifting auto market: Housing, taxes, and insurance costs have increased YoY for many of BMW's target consumers (generally A25-54, HHI of $100K+), leading to a reduced overall auto spend and hurting the company's sales. In addition, BMW was struggling to effectively analyze available data across their various media campaigns, which led to a fragmentary view of the consumer. Our objective became to improve the effectiveness of BMW's media plan while deepening the real-world measurability of the company's digital media execution. In short, we needed to ensure that our creative messaging was being served to the right consumers, that it got them into a dealership-and better yet, behind the wheel.


For today's consumers, the path to purchase goes both online and offline and data is scattered across platforms and providers. Before implementing any new solutions to address this issue, we assessed the state of BMW's marketing. We soon realized that each data partner was wholly focused on the part of our consumer that they had access to. This, compounded with the insight that less than 10% of automotive consumers submit their contact information while shopping online, made it clear that none of our disparate data streams would ever provide us with a full understanding of BMW's target audience.