The language we use around a brand's value wires us to think and behave in a way that reinforces it. In this essay, I explore how we as communication professionals can help keep brands - and ourselves - valuable in the boardroom by becoming adept bilinguals and rewiring our thinking using another language: the C-suite's.

This was an essay I did as part of the IPA Excellence Diploma's 2016-2017 intake. The question was "How do you best ensure that a brand and those who create it are valued by the boardroom?" I've since appended some new thoughts into it.

The boardroom is a foreign land for Marketers

Across the world, CEOs with a marketing background form the minority. Only 14% of those in the UK come from marketing [i]. In 2015's US Fortune 100 and French SBF company CEOs, only 10% of were reported to be former marketers, while in the German DAX this figure climbs slightly to 12% [ii1] The top 12 Chinese companies are all state-owned, with large investments decisions being made by the government through the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. This makes it tougher for CMOs and other Marketing leaders to wield influence inside the boardroom.