Campaign details

Agency: Because XM
Country: Ireland


In 2015 NIVEA was the number 2 brand in the market with a 34.6% market share. The market is incredibly competitive with discounted pricing and BOGOF offers. The brand were under a lot of pressure to create a point of difference with the very important 18-35 year old market.

NIVEA were struggling to get consumers to trial their new and existing products. This makes sense. Consumers are very particular about their cosmetic and moisturizing products and want to trial before purchase. The problem is there are not many opportunities to sample the products to consumers when they are about to wash or take a shower. The challenge was to find a location where thousands of our target audience would be taking a shower. Easy, right?

National context of the campaign

The campaign ran at Electric Picnic. This is the largest music festival in Ireland with 45,000 attendees over 3 days. The event is the biggest concentration of NIVEA's target audience. The weather in Ireland is unpredictable and the festival goers are camping in tents. The need to be clean and feel fresh is imperative at a festival. It is the difference between having fun and not having fun for the entire festival.