Design consultancy: United by Design
Advertiser: Brew York Craft Brewery

Executive Summary

In 2015, the co-founders of Brew York knew what they were setting out to do; however the speed they have been able to achieve some of their goals has come as a shock even to them.

Branding has been at the core of their business plan since the beginning, and our challenge was to merge influences from a number of sources to create an impactful brand mark for Brew York which did not rely on category cues often seen in other beer brands, for example, the inclusion of the hop names within the labels or on bar collateral.

Having researched a lot of their aspirational brands in the craft beer market, we identified a clear benchmark for the Brew York brand recognising the need to be strong and dynamic in order to compete on bar and on shelf.

The collaboration between Brew York and United by Design has resulted in a successful year that has exceeded expectations and has smashed several 3 to 5 year targets for the brewery.