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Agency: BBDO Belgium
Country: Belgium


Scarlet is a Belgian telecom provider operating in the fixed line and mobile market. Scarlet was taken over by the Belgacom group in 2008. At the end of June 2013, the number of Triple Play customers is located in the range of 25,000-50,000 customers.

Market situation & Competitive analysis

The Belgian telecom market, particularly as it relates to triple play offers, has been dominated by 3 major players for over ten years. In the north, Proximus (still known as Belgacom until October 2014) dominates the market alongside Telenet, and in the south, Proximus and VOO lead the market. These 3 players are not only active on the fixed line market, but also offer mobile products.

Between 2010 and mid-2016, 3 other major players tried to break into this market by offering their own fixed telecom products:

Scarlet is a challenger player on the Telco market. Scarlet was the first Belgian telecom operator to drop roaming costs, almost one year before the European law would be active. From April 29, 2015, both prepaid and postpaid Scarlet clients could call and surf in EU countries, without extra roaming charges.