Design consultancy: Jones Knowles Ritchie
Advertiser: AB InBev

Executive summary

Taking back the "AmeriCan" summer

Few brands embody an image of Americana quite like Budweiser. A brand steeped in heritage but for the past 27 years, has seen a steady decline in sales in its largest market, the U.S.

Enter Summer in the U.S., historically the season with the biggest sales for the beer category. Summer 2016 was especially interesting - the heated crescendo of a Presidential Election, human achievement re-defined at the Rio Olympics, the U.S. National Soccer Team winning the hearts and minds of the nation at the Copa America Centennial. This was a time when American national identity was debated, re-evaluated, glorified and celebrated.

There was a lot of noise to cut through. Budweiser needed a strong point of view.

With a limited edition packaging design in-hand, Budweiser dominated the discussion when the AmeriCan design went public in early May. Coverage hit 1.6 billion total earned impressions worldwide. But it was more than talk value. The AmeriCan halted and reversed Budweiser's sales decline.