Design consultancy: WPA Pinfold
Advertiser: Bulwark

Executive Summary

New accounts won in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and China

Bulwark Cider is Nova Scotia's most famous cider brand and its fame is now spreading across North America and the Far East. It is a handcrafted traditional cider that uses freshly pressed apple juice from the rich and fertile Annapolis Valley. The cider market has become highly competitive and WPA Pinfold was commissioned to rebrand Bulwark to focus on its value proposition and reposition it in the added-value craft cider sector. A key requirement of the brief was to also help it achieve export growth, especially in the highly competitive UK market. In recent years the craft cider market has become significantly more competitive in Canada, with an influx of imports. WPA Pinfold were briefed to rebrand the original craft cider to help grow the Canadian market and prepare the brand for launch in the UK and European markets.