Project summary

CROSSroads™ is the result of combining two main mobile-based methodologies and technologies: an audio-data collection technology plus an APP-meter. 

The first part of our proprietary study consisted in collecting the sounds captured by the smartphone microphones of a group of panellists. We hashed and coded those sounds to match them, in real time, with the audio identified as content coming from broadcasted TV and radio in that very moment. Both sounds and content were matched in real time, never recorded. Once collected, we were able to manage and analyze this information with Google Analytics like any other digital event or content. 

Our technology requires huge accuracy as it runs in a noisy environment or is placed in the user's pocket.

Simultaneously to the collection of audio data, the second important asset of the CROSSroads™ study was an APP-meter installed in 2,015 panelists (representative of the Spanish population), of which a 73% allowed access to their smartphone microphones.