Campaign details

Agency: These Days
Country: Belgium


In Europe, every two minutes a child is reported missing. Some of them remain missing for years. Eventually we forget their faces. Child Focus, the Belgian Center for Missing Children, never gives up hope. They do everything it takes to help the families in their search and to get others involved.

To get missing children the attention they deserve, we designed and created Coins of Hope. One million 2 euro coins featuring the face of Liam Vanden Branden, who has been missing for 20 years, but whose family has never lost hope. For the first time ever, these euro coins show the face of a missing child instead of that of our king. They also show the Child Focus website, with information on all missing children. With Coins of Hope, we created a new and permanent medium with infinite impressions across the Eurozone. Spreading hope for missing children, from hand to hand and from country to country.

National context of the campaign