In over five years and a billion downloads, phone game Clash of Clans has drawn a massive community. But in 2017, players were beginning to feel antsy about the the never-ending cycle of Clan warfare. Supercell (the game's developer) knew that the fifth anniversary presented an opportunity to re-energize the game and reinforce its cultural stature.

The only problem: the timing of the 5th anniversary didn't line up with the next big scheduled game update. So we couldn't just rely on the rollout of an awesome game feature or new character

We uncovered an insight: the legacy of great games isn't great code; it's great characters. A new game story could radically impact players' relationship with CoC.

We created a story from an unexpected perspective that represented a totally new dynamic within the game. One where our hero wasn't a warrior. He was the humble Builder.

The Builder's adventure played out as a month long event that attracted a massive fandom: resulting in 187,000,000 organic views on YouTube, 6,100,000 Instagram likes, and 500,000+ visitors to sites worldwide.

What is clash of clans?