Campaign details

Brand: Coca-Cola
Lead Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Region: LATAM



To boost Coke sales and bring the brand closer to a young demographic, we created Coca-Cola FanFeat: a competition for fans of Brazil's top 9 hitmakers, in which the 3 artists with the most votes would record a single, shoot a music video, and perform in a concert, together. With an inclusive, diversified, and extremely popular selection of artists, we invited music fans to show their power and unconditional love for their idols by voting, which they could do using their mobile phone cameras to take a picture of the packages. Each image captured and sent was a chance to put their idol on Coca-Cola's feat of the year.

Creative Strategy

One of the premises when creating a music campaign was that teens could spend the summer with Coke on one hand and their mobile phone on the other. So, the FanFeat's strength was that it managed to be completely involved in the life of fans. Dedicated, they interacted with the campaign across all faces Coca-Cola made available: voting, Snapchat filter, hand album, and exclusive lyric videos on Facebook. Additionally, by creating a campaign driven by fans, Coca-Cola managed to encourage Brazil's top artists to really engage in it. More than a sponsorship contract, each participant's popularity and recruitment power came into play here, as they relied on their fans' votes to get a spot in one of the biggest music campaigns in recent times.