Campaign details

Brand: Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1
Lead Agency: Red Fuse Communication



Building on its rich history of understanding and anticipating the future of oral care and consumer needs, the new Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush leverages Apple ResearchKit, an open source from Apple for the purpose of media research. With the user's permission, Colgate can examine and analyze consumer teeth brushing data to become even smarter about oral care, and in turn, create better and faster future innovations.

The E1 Connect Toothbrush is the entry way to build this consumer specific data set. The goal of the launch campaign was to establish this new product in the market, to drive sales of the brush and to create ongoing use of the iOS connected application to generate data.

Partnering with Apple, the E1 brush was sold exclusively in the Apple store and ecommerce site. The toothbrush uses Bluetooth connectivity and sonic vibrating technology, and is powered by Kolibree, a smart device company that is a pioneer in embedding connected toothbrushes with artificial intelligence and 3D motion sensors. The Colgate Connect app features a 3D brushing coach to create an enjoyable oral care routine, while encouraging better brushing habits.