Agency: Gallegos United


When setting 2017 objectives we had to face a rough context: The cable category continued eroding in consumer's minds.

Comcast was the second to least trusted brand of 329 brands across 20 industries (Temkin 2017 Trust Ratings).

Connecting with Hispanics was challenging, as the election had instilled fear and skepticism among Hispanics.

However, we needed to capitalize on X1momentum (X1 is Xfinity's operating system, the only one that offered a bilingual experience), retain our customers and continue to grow. The objectives were:

  1. Increase awareness of X1 among Bicultural customers from 57% (pre-campaign) to 66% (post-campaign).
  2. Increase purchase consideration among Bicultural Hispanic customers, who were aware of X1 but did not have it, from 72% (pre) to 79% (post).
  3. Grow net Hispanic cable adds by 25,000.


Within Xfinity/Comcast's 2016 footprint, Bicultural/Bilingual Hispanics represented 62% of all Hispanics (Xfinity Proprietary Data 2016). They were the most poised for growth segment, especially the Billenials (Bicultural Millennials), but targeting them had challenges.