Agency: Jagran Prakashan Ltd.


  • Mobilize community to conserve water
  • Fix water leakages
  • Create next generation change leaders
  • Demonstrate that Dainik Jagran stands for communit


Of skyscrapers & plunging groundwater

Mechanically pumped groundwater provides 85% of India's drinking water. India holds the dubious record of groundwater depletion at one of the fastest rates in the world. With 4% of the world's water resources, India is seriously water-stressed, says Greenpeace.

India pumps more groundwater than the US & China combined

Only 50% of urban India has access to treated tap water. The average household receives water for about two hours/day. Not a single Indian city can provide 24x7 clean drinking water on tap. Millions are affected by water-borne diseases.

Lack of political will and skill