Agency: Jagran Prakashan Ltd.


  • To reignite our role as the conscience keeper,
  • Create content that would attract young readers to the newspaper.


Newspapers equity at stake.

Murder, Rape, Scam, Crime, Robbery, Suicide, Bribery, Scandal - scream newspaper headlines every morning. The result: Newspapers were seen as carriers of negativity. As a natural consequence, parents kept the newspaper away from their kids - our future readers. The messenger was bearing the brunt of carrying bad news, while value erosion threatened to undermine society.

At the same time, the newspaper world was getting hyper-competitive where garnering readership and circulation at any cost was the prime motive. As a result, we were witnessing a gruesome shift in the axis of journalism - from Shaping Views to Delivering News. The role of newspapers as conscience keepers of society was being questioned.