Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: Day One

Executive summary

For anyone involved in a serious accident, the effects often extend far beyond the event itself. Treatment at the critical moment is only the beginning. And for victims of trauma, the journey back to a quality of life can be long and difficult. This truth was brought uncomfortably close to home when our own Studio Manager, was involved in a serious car accident in France.

Returning to the UK, Jo was transferred to Leeds Major Trauma Centre to start the rehabilitation process. It was towards the end of that process that Professor Giannoudis, a leading orthopaedic consultant in trauma injuries, asked Jo and a few other patients to help create a charity to address important gaps in trauma support Elmwood was naturally keen to get involved.

We recognised the need for a strong brand that would help the group (with a working name of Yorkshire Trauma Services) to cut through the clamour of competing national and international charities, as well as smaller organisations. It would also be crucial to enable them to meet their funding targets and position them as leaders in trauma care and ongoing support for recovery.