Campaign details

Agency: Host/Havas

Executive Summary

Diggers. Gallipoli. The ANZAC Spirit. When Australians think of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) historic references dominate. These outdated perceptions fail to align with the workplaces millennial Australians aspire to. Their motivators include equality, flexibility, variety, social responsibility and the opportunity to progress, developing themselves as they discover what really matters to them.

This case study goes beyond a mere campaign. Instead, it shows how Host/Havas positioned the ADF as a 21st Century employer, not just through communications but in how it acts throughout the candidate journey, driving operational change that delivered record recruitment rates despite a reduced budget.

Total Campaign Expenditure

It is important to note, rather than just 'advertising' costs this is the total marketing expenditure. It includes all research, website infrastructure and collateral (brochures, merchandise etc.) costs associated with the recruitment program.

What was the strategic communications challenge?