Objectives and strategy

With this campaign we mainly aimed to increase our ROI. Our online and offline data was showing 3 facts:

  • Only 48% of our website visitors buy the ticket immediately after the search.
  • The shorter the time between a search and the demanded departure date, the higher was the transaction value.
  • We were loosing money if we were to advertise for the visitors who were no longer interested in the flight the he had searched for.

So, we've based our strategy onto 4 following principles:

  • Stop advertising to those who already bought their ticket.
  • Stop advertising if the departure date the users were looking for ,was already in the past.
  • Start increasing bids for those who were looking for a flight for the next 10 days.
  • Tailor the message according to the route and emphasize on the "urgency" factor.

Execution and media