Campaign details

Agency: VCCPme

New Year's Day is the most important day for takeaways. And for Domino's Pizza grabbing on to this momentum would be absolutely key.


The campaign sought to win the hearts and minds of a hungover audience - on a day where all takeaway brands scream: "Buy it now".

New Year's Day is the biggest sales-driving day for Domino's Pizza, with the brand expecting to make 350,000 pizzas - eight pizzas a second.

But it's a tricky time to gain cut-through because people are blurry-eyed, and their attention is pulled all over.

So maintaining momentum during such a business-critical period would require clever marketing.

Instead of the same old advertising and the same old clichés, VCCPme and Domino's Pizza launched a pop-up 24-hour TV channel full of content people would truly want in their time of need.


The Recovery Channel was a 24-hour takeover of Sky channel 539.