Campaign details

Agency: Havas Dublin
Country: Ireland


As the world's largest producer of cognac, Hennessy is one of Ireland's most iconic spirit brands. However, amidst a declining cognac and dark spirits market (-6.4% fall MAT April 2016 - Neilson Scantrack), Hennessy realised that it must re-position itself as an accessible brand within the Irish market.

One of the brand's main issues was that it was consumed by a predominantly older demographic aged 55+, with spontaneous brand awareness highest among the 45+ demographic at 44% and lowest among 25-44 year olds at just 23% (Red C - 2015).

Subsequently, Hennessy needed to increase brand relevance through recruiting a new generation of Hennessy drinkers between the ages of 25-44, to ensure the long term health of the brand.

This was especially prudent due to strong performances from competitors such as Jameson (+0.8 pts in volume and +1.1 pts value in 2015) and Paddy (+1 .Opts in volume and +0.8pts value in 2015), with Jameson having a 9% total brand awareness advantage over Hennessy amongst the target 25-44 demographic (Red C - 2015).