Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: Procter & Gamble

Executive Summary

P&G's overall business strategy was to streamline its portfolio of brands and focus on 10 key categories for growth - one of which was Dish, including both Hand Dish Washing (HDW) and Auto Dish Washing (ADW). Their leading brand, Fairy, was number 2 in the ADW market behind Finish.

P&G wanted to increase its sales, grow market share and become the number one brand – a tough challenge in a mature declining market, and one which has low consumer engagement. Consumers don't really want to spend too much time thinking about dishwashing – it's necessary but, essentially, boring.

Also many consumers were unaware of the auto dishwash (ADW) products. Those that were, found it difficult to navigate the range, with 80% of consumers being unable to differentiate between its good, better and best products.