Campaign details

Agency: Ogilvy
Country: Ireland


In 2015, Ford launched their newly redesigned Mustang – finally available in Ireland and Europe, for the first time, in a right-hand-drive model. Knowledge of this was very low, however. It was our job to inform people about this momentous piece of automotive history and get them to engage with the Ford brand once again.

Chad McQueen is the only son of actor and iconic Mustang driver, Steve McQueen, and is also a racing driver, actor, producer, director and Mustang enthusiast in his own right. He was the perfect ambassador to launch the car for the first time in right-hand-drive in Ireland. By bringing Chad McQueen to Ireland we had an opportunity to create something big and bold; something that could generate great reach and engagement. Thus Mustang Run was born – we would bring the next generation of Mustang together with the next generation of McQueen.

National context of the campaign