Design consultancy: WPA Pinfold
Advertiser: HI-Mark International – Body Sculpture

Executive summary

Our relationship with Hi-Mark stretches back more than 20 years. During that time the company has grown from a largely OEM supplier to become a serious player in the global fitness market. In the 1990s we helped the client develop its Body Sculpture brand for a western market. In 2015 the Chairman flew over from Taiwan to brief us on the relaunch of the range, which is his flagship fitness equipment and accessories range. The brief was simple and to the point: we had a fixed budget and were to deliver a new brand packaging range that positioned Body Sculpture as a major global brand. The launch was to take place at ISPO in Munich, the world's most prestigious fitness trade show. We had to create the assets and templates that would set the style for the launch of an over 200 product range. The strategy, planning and design decisions were left to us, we just had to deliver success – no pressure…