Building and maintaining toilets isn’t a necessity for Indians. That’s why half a billion Indians defecate in the open. Still.

Women are the worst affected by this indifference - often subjected to health and security hazards.

Lack of toilets hurt Harpic - India’s No. 1 toilet cleaner, which needs new toilets to grow.

In a nation that refuses to consider toilets a necessity, we decided to turn them into a luxury, a status symbol. The Great Indian Wedding is the ultimate display of any family’s status and it all begins with the the Great Indian Wedding ad - A newspaper matrimonial ad.

Each expensive word here is loaded with status connotations.

We decided to make this medium our message.

Tying up with the largest Hindi language daily in the worst affcted areas, we offered free matrimonial ads if the advertiser added 5 extra ‘status’ words – “Home Must Have Clean Toilet.”