Executive Summary

Heathrow’s 2018 Christmas campaign was our most integrated multi-channel brand campaign to date, underpinned by a YouTube strategy that threaded throughout every phase. From launching via the Masthead, down to Bumpers keeping the brand front of mind, YouTube was truly the backbone of the Heathrow Bears triumphant return to the Christmas advertising throne.

This was the third year of the Heathrow Bears. After a triumphant impact in 2016 the challenge was to leverage the familiarity of what audiences had seen before, whilst reaching new audiences and capitalising on the engagement to generate positivity and warmth around Heathrow Airport. We had to put Heathrow front of mind for travel consideration in 2019, whilst also promoting the wide variety of products and services on offer to travellers over the Christmas period.

We saw a reach of 12 million unique users, over 18% of the UK population, driven by the Masthead at launch. The subsequent engagement, both in channel and post campaign analysis exceeded expectations and cut through the heavy competition of the Christmas advertising period.