Retailers have been hit hard by the popularity of e-commerce giants such as Amazon. It's harder than ever to drive customers to brick-and-mortar locations. A wide variety of retailers are facing continuing sales declines. The women's apparel retailer The Limited recently announced that it will close all 250 of its stores, while Macy's plans to shed approximately 15% of its brick-and-mortar footprint. According to RetailNext's Retail Performance Pulse report, in-store retail sales, traffic, and transactions declined year-over-year for every month from May through September 2016.

Ouch! What's a retail brand to do?

Well, imagine that you oversee the nail polish business for a major beauty brand. Like many retailers, your brick-and-mortar locations have been hit hard these past few years. It's harder than ever to drive foot traffic. When your consumers do shop in-store, it's imperative that you make their visits as profitable as possible. On top of these challenges, like all fashion and beauty brands, you must keep pace with ever-changing trends and styles. Fortunately, you have a few killer insights that will allow you to deliver a highly relevant shopper experience, create an edge over your competition, and most importantly, drives sales.