Campaign details

Brand: The Economist
Client: The Economist
Agency: Sense


How can £10,000 buy a brand an always-on global campaign, thousands of new users with a lifetime value of millions, a new internal department, and, if they're lucky, a shiny APG award?

By selling less.

This paper describes how we helped The Economist optimise their face-to-face subscriptions activity by turning-off people who were seduced by the brand's offer even when it wasn't right for them.

It also describes what we did with the people who were left over, the ones who weren't pushed away so easily.

And above all it describes how you can't go wrong focusing on what's interesting about a brand, even if that thing is something that at first glance might appear daunting or unhelpful.

Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then we begin...

Background and the challenge