Agency: Ogilvy UK


The principal campaign objectives were:

  1. To increase familiarity with IBM Watson amongst a business audience
  2. To generate a pool of over 1m engagements (which could then be re-targeted with the invitation to view a video to find out ‘how Watson did it', then driving to them to IBM web pages with deeper information on Watson in a business context and the opportunity to trial Watson for themselves)

In addition, two brand KPIs were set to measure the campaign's effect amongst the business audience:

  1. IBM being seen as an innovative company
  2. IBM being seen as more relevant


Integral to IBM's business strategy was gaining share in the growing AI (Artificial Intelligence) category. Although there was decent awareness of IBM's AI platform, IBM Watson, we knew from research that there was a lack of familiarity with what Watson does and the benefits of Watson to business.