Agency: Ogilvy


Going back to college is more stressful now than ever. Students have too much to worry about, from classes to exams to tuition. And they don't have time for a 30 second commercial.

IKEA products are stylish, useful, and affordable-the holy trinity for our target. But for our Back To College campaign to succeed, we wanted to cut through the usual clutter of back to school marketing and deliver something that could actually help our target audience: stressed college students who need a way to relax.


Before school starts in September, college students are inundated with advertising. Another 30 second commercial about furniture wouldn't be enough to engage with them-they're stressed enough already.

IKEA prides itself on products designed to solve problems. In that same spirit, we didn't want to just sell to them. We wanted our campaign to help.

So we went where they go when they're stressed: online. Half of the ASMR fans on YouTube are 18- to 24-years-old. So we created an ASMR-inspired film that used IKEA Back To College products to solve their stress problem. Or, at the very least, help them forget about it for 25 minutes or so.

Creative solution