Campaign details

Agency: Ipswich City Council

Executive Summary

Ipswich City Council's Economic Development Department embarked on a transformational three year program for the region's tourism economy, starting with a new marketing team tasked with an ambitious agenda of significantly increasing the domestic overnight visitor market. With a bold Destination Marketing Plan as their roadmap, the last two years has seen the implementation of key strategic initiatives to cast aside old perceptions, reinvent with a fresh brand and narrative, communicate the message through a raft of mediums and allow Ipswich to lay claim to its rightful share of the Southeast Queensland tourism market.

Total Campaign Expenditure

Ipswich City Council allocated a budget that was an 80% increase on the previous marketing budget. Various aspects such as the development of the Destination Marketing Management and Events Plan (DMMEP) were completed in-house under the new marketing team. Other elements were outsourced to agencies with particular expertise.