We have, yet we have not

We are in an age of data carpet bombing. Data has gone from scarce to surfeit. Businesses today are staggering with the relentless flow of industry updates, investor reports, retail audits, internal sales dashboards, brand health trackers, social listening narratives ad nauseam. Each piece of data delivers its own story and treads its own path oblivious of the other 'versions of truth'. The data is intended to empower, yet it overwhelms. Businesses need help – in making sense of their proliferating data and in making their data to work harder for them.

The increase and volubility of data is accompanied by another phenomenon that merely adds to this world of bewilderment. And that is the dwindling ability and interest of Brand and Category managers to handle and make sense of these data. This is not to mock the intellect of our current breed of marketers. It is merely to recognize the change in the times. These are now times when the marketer is neck deep in execution and chasing ambitious revenue targets. Where is the leisure to sit and 'play' with the data, dive into its depths and excavate the elusive insight?

Gaping growing gap