Campaign details

Agency: TMW Unlimited

The challenge was to firmly shift the perception of Kinder Bueno, making it "a brand for me" contender, whilst reminding the world of its strong taste credentials


In researching the target audience, Kinder Bueno and TMW Unlimited discovered that due to socio-economic changes, it is only at the age of 29 that that segment begin to feel like adults.

So to maximise the campaign's relatability, search data and an online surveys helped pinpoint tasks most associated with "adulting".

The insights inspired a 45second film and – from this – a 22second cut-down version that was promoted on YouTube, VOD, Facebook and Instagram, as well as playful social GIFs.

In addition, several 10second films followed to focus on the most relatable tasks.

To prolong the conversation, various influencers were challenged to take The Adulting Quiz.

The audience were highly engaged, and conversed with through social where help and hints came to their rescue with any troublesome adulting issues – rewarding them with delicious Kinder Bueno.