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Agency: TAXI Canada LTD.
Advertiser: Kraft Heinz
Category: Packaged Goods

Section I — Case Parameters

Section IA — Case Overview

Why should this case win in the category (ies) you have entered?

No new flavours. No new packaging. A 30-year-old brand with more competition than it's ever had. That might not sound like a recipe for success, but sometimes the toughest challenges bring out the best thinking. That was the case for Classico pasta sauces.

Our "Second Best" campaign presented Classico in a way that recognized the brand's long-standing positioning of Italian heritage, but updated it with gusto. It also gave food lovers permission to embrace a prepared pasta sauce, as they had always seen store-bought pasta sauce as a compromise of their high standards. By positioning the brand in a way that confirmed its quality versus homemade sauce without overstating it, we were able to give unprecedented momentum to the brand.