Campaign details

Agency: Toucan
Country: United Kingdom


Market conditions:

  • Meat snacking category in the UK worth approx £120m.
  • Peperami has long been the market leader but still massive potential to grow as it had only 12.7% household penetration in a category that had 96%.
  • Large number of consumers are open to meat snacking but don't buy Peperami yet. Lots of new market entrants, particularly in beef jerky and biltong.
Competitive environment:

Mattessons Fridge Raiders were increasing in value in the category faster than Peperami. Copycat brands entering the market e.g. Snackeroni, which is taking share in Asda, were also contributing to a negative health perception of processed meats.

Even though Peperami is ambient, retailers tend to stock in the chiller where space is at a premium.

The client wanted to...
  • Raise awareness of the Peperami brand at fixture.
  • Position the Animal as a fun, anarchic but mainstream brand spokesperson.
  • Increase sales by 10% across all distribution.
  • Increase household penetration to at least 15%.

National context of the campaign