Campaign details

Agency: Tam-Tam\TBWA
Advertiser: La Grande Guignolée
Category: Sustained Success

Section I — Case Parameters

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): January 2015 – December 2016 (24 months)
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: November 2015
Base Period as a Benchmark: November – December 2014
Geographic Area: Quebec
Budget for this effort: $0 – $50,000

Section IA — Case Overview

Why should this case win in the category (ies) you have entered?

Donations for La grande guignolée des médias (Media's Big Food Drive) started to decline in 2012 and they continued to drop in 2013 and 2014. As you can imagine, the big challenge in 2015 was to first attenuate the decrease and then stabilize donations by providing an innovative and intelligent spotlight on modern-day poverty in a post-crisis economy.