Campaign details

Brand: Lidl
Agency: Chemistry

Introduction and Background

'My one wish out of the campaign is that people will put their energies into supporting not just our sport but women in sport in general' - Helen O Rourke, CEO of Ladies Gaelic Football.

In 2015, Lidl was experiencing struggles in the battle to win hearts, minds, and purses of the Irish shopper. Purses might appear like a leading term to describe the shopper - it's certainly not a gender-neutral term, but shopping is not a gender-neutral activity; 70% of grocery shopping is done by females; their purchasing influence is estimated at 90% (iReach 2014 quant).

In December 2015, commenced a 3 year partnership with the LGFA (Ladies Gaelic Football Association). We saw this as an opportunity to engage meaningfully with the shopper and give them a reason to select Lidl over competitors. This sponsorship was not without its challenges.